Esports World Cup 2024: Team Falcons Claims Warzone Trophy And Becomes First Winner in The Tournament

The Esports World Cup 2024 team Falcon is mentioned in this article as they became the first winners of the competition after taking home the Warzone Trophy.

Let’s celebrate Team Falcons! They soared to victory in the Call of Duty Warzone tournament at the Esports World Cup (EWC) in Riyadh. These three players, Biffle, Shifty, and Soka, emerged as the inaugural EWC champions winning $1,000 club points in addition to a massive $200,000!

Team Falcons dominated from the start topping the charts with an impressive lead after day 3. They crushed it in the finals too, beating out strong teams like Fnatic and Vitality. Shifty even snagged the MVP title and an extra $50,000!

This win is not their first. Shifty and Biffle were champions at the World Series of Warzone last year. Now Team Falcons has etched their name on the EWC trophy. The games keep going with the MW3 Cup next. Stay tuned to see if Team Falcons keeps their winning streak alive.

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They crushed the group stage with a whopping 255 points over 100 more than anyone else! In the finals they kept soaring, beating Fnatic by 20 whole points. Talk about dominance!

The best part? They won all three matches they played, making some seriously epic plays. The Falcons are the first champs to remember!

After this victory, many experts also said that this is the best team in the franchise to date.

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ABC NEWS: Congratulations on their historic victory in the 2024 EWC!


WAS THERE EVER A DOUBT?? @TeamFalconsGG lock in on Map 8 to secure 1st place and bring home $200,000 

Congrats to @ShiftyTV_ | @HisokaT42 | @DiazBiffle 

DiazBiffle now becomes Warzones highest earner of all time! #EWC