Here are five gaming companies you did not know in the UK

The United Kingdom has been the hub for gaming companies for a while. Here are five gaming companies you did not know in the UK.

More than 2,000 companies are involved in the gaming industry in the UK. A wide range of genres, such as racing, strategy, horror, and tactical shooter, are covered in their work. Here are a few of the most well-known gaming companies in the United Kingdom that aim to create games with excellent graphics and storytelling.

Top Gaming companies in the UK

Playground Games

Playground Games is a video game development company with a global reach, primarily known for the success of its racing-oriented Forza Horizon game series. Operating out of two U.K. studios, the company has been in operation since 2010 and employs artists, engineers, and other experts in game development. 

Creative Assembly

Having produced games since 1987, Creative Assembly is a seasoned game development studio that has withstood significant advancements in gaming technology. The studio values creative autonomy and is proudly collaborative, committed to the visual and narrative details of its products. 

Sumo Digital

Video game development firm Sumo Digital operates over a dozen studios in Europe, India, and North America, including Lab42 Games, Red Kite Games, and PixelAnt Games. In addition to running the Sumo Digital Academy, a training programme for individuals hoping to work in the gaming industry, Sumo Digital has received multiple “Best Workplace” awards.  


Rebellion, an independent European gaming company, is best known for its multimedia studio and the Sniper Elite series, which has been played by over 20 million players worldwide. Among the many subsidiaries of the company are Rebellion Film Studios, Audiomotion Studios, and Rebellion Publishing, which publishes a range of comic books. 

Sports Interactive

Like fantasy sports, but much more interactive, Sports Interactive creates realistic sports management simulations. With games like Eastside Hockey Manager and Football Manager, players can virtually hire a head coach or take on the role themselves as they manage professional sports teams by selecting rosters, conducting drafts, making trades, and so on. 


In conclusion, the UK’s gaming industry stands as a vibrant landscape with over 2,000 companies contributing to its rich tapestry. This article has spotlighted some of the foremost players in this dynamic sector, each leaving an indelible mark on the global gaming map. From Playground Games’ immersive racing experiences to Creative Assembly’s longstanding commitment to narrative excellence, these companies showcase the diversity and creativity within the industry. Sumo Digital’s dedication to both fostering talent and creating exceptional games has earned them accolades as a top workplace. Rebellion, with its Sniper Elite series and multimedia ventures, exemplifies independent success. Finally, Sports Interactive brings realism to sports management simulations, adding an interactive dimension to the gaming realm. Together, these companies underscore the UK’s pivotal role in shaping the future of gaming.