Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein: Profile, biography, achievements, earnings, lesser-known facts

Johan ‘NOtail’ Sundstein is one of the most popular gamers. He is well known for his amazing Dota 2 skills. Here is his profile including achievements.

Johan Sundstein, known by his gaming name “N0tail,” is a prominent figure in the world of esports, particularly within the Dota 2 community. He has earned international recognition for his exceptional skills and achievements in the competitive gaming scene.


  1. Full Name: Johan Sundstein
  2. Game Name/Nick Name: N0tail
  3. Other/Nickname: BigDaddy
  4. Profession: Professional Esports Player
  5. Famous for: Dominating the Dota 2 esports scene and achieving multiple championships.
  6. Net Worth: As of 2023, $1-$5 million
  7. Instagram Handle: @og_n0tail
  8. Twitter Handle: @OG_BDN0tail

Physical Status

  1. Height: Not available
  2. Weight: Not available
  3. Eye Colour: Light Brown
  4. Hair Colour: Light Brown

Personal Life

  1. Date Of Birth: October 8, 1993
  2. Place Of Birth: Denmark
  3. Nationality: Danish
  4. Hometown: Denmark
  5. School: Not available
  6. College: Not available
  7. Hobbies: Playing and competing in video games, possibly other interests related to esports.


Johan “N0tail” Sundstein’s achievements are primarily in the realm of Dota 2, where he has been a key player for the team OG. His accomplishments include winning multiple The International tournaments (TI), which is the most prestigious event in Dota 2.

Here are the details:

  1. 7-8th position in The International 2013
  2. 13–14th position in The International 2014
  3. 9-12th in The International 2015 
  4. 1st Place in the Frankfurt Major December 2015
  5. 7th position in the Shanghai Major
  6. 1st in the Manila Major 2016 
  7. 1st Place in ESL One Frankfurt 2016 
  8. 9-12th in The International 2016 
  9. 1st position in the Boston Major, December 2016 
  10. First in the Kiev Major April 2017
  11. 7-8th position in The International 2017, August 
  12. 1st in the Mars Dota League Macau, December 2017
  13. 1st position in The International 2018, August 
  14. 1st position in The International 2019, August 

Here are some lesser-known facts about N0tail:

  1. N0tail is one of the few players who has won multiple TI championships, solidifying his status as a Dota 2 legend.
  2. He is known for his versatile hero pool and adaptability, making him a valuable asset to any team he plays for.
  3. N0tail was originally a part of the Fnatic team before forming and leading his own successful team, OG.
  4. His leadership and team-building skills have been crucial in OG’s remarkable success in the esports scene.