Top 5  Call of Duty Series Of All Time 

Explore exciting details about the top five Call of Duty series if you’re a fan of shooting games. 

While CODM has garnered a fan base of over 500 million players around the world, “Call of Duty” as a gaming franchise video game has embraced the gaming community with numerous prominent and unique editions that have kept millions of players hooked on the format for decades. The Call of Duty franchise released its first edition, “Call of Duty,” for Windows, macOS, N-Gage, X360 and PS3 in 2003. The franchise garnered a huge audience with its action-packed gaming experience and realistic graphics. As of 2024, the Call of Duty franchise has launched a total of twenty-three editions, “Modern Warfare 3” being the latest edition that was released on November 10, 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Windows. With millions of active players around the world, the Call of Duty gaming franchise is often hailed as one of the most popular and prominent gaming franchises to ever exist. 

In this article, we will take a look at the top five most thrilling gaming editions ever launched by the Call of Duty franchise.

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Officially launched in 2019, “Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2” is a first-person shooter video game quite similar to the dynamics of CODM (Call of Duty: Mobile), which was released as the 16th edition of the prominent “Call of Duty” series. The game revolves around a dynamic and extremely powerful combat storyline wherein the players take on the role of a CIA officer of the British SAS forces and rebel against the Urzik terrorist troop, Al-Qatala and the Russian armed forces that have invaded their country. The 16th edition of the Call of Duty Series instantly became popular among the community of gamers on PC, Xbox and PlayStation as it brilliantly depicted the ambiguities of modern warfare and awed the gamers with its cinematic narrative and large-scale battles. The realistic graphics and immersive sound effects further enhanced the gaming experience for the players and made Call of Duty : Modern Warfare a huge hit. 

  • Call of Duty : Warzone 2.0

Developed by Infinity Ward for PS4, Xbox Series X, PS5, Xbox One and PC, “Call of Duty : Warzone 2.0” was launched in 2023 and was labeled as the “ultimate beast” of the Call of Duty Series within a few months of its release. As a sequel to the original Warzone, Call of Duty : Warzone 2.0 involved updated movements, new exciting maps and brand-new vehicles. While the game was praised for its immersive storyline, dynamic events, realistic graphics, character depth and thrilling audio effects, it was also considered a beast for the new “Al Mazrah” map, which offered a wide gaming environment to the gamers that spanned from modern cities to wild locations. Moreover, cross-platform play allowed the gamers on different PCs and consoles to play together. Furthermore, integration with “Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2” allowed the users to witness a seamless integration of sharing weapons, progression systems and operators across both games. With next-gen consoles and a deep-seated presence in the eSports arena, Call of Duty : Warzone 2.0 elevated Call of Duty’s stature to unparalleled prominence.

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  • Call of Duty : Black Ops 

“Call of Duty : Black Ops”, released in 2010 by Treyarch, is often hailed as one of the most popular original games ever launched by the Call of Duty franchise. The seventh edition in the Call of Duty Series, “Call of Duty : Black Ops”, was set in the 1960s during the First World War era and featured a wide range of locations, including the Soviet Union, the United States, South Vietnam, Canada, China, Cuba and Laos. In addition to the immersive storyline, dynamic characters like Alex Manson, Viktor Reznov and Frank Woods played a major role in making “Call of Duty : Black Ops” a huge hit in the gaming community worldwide. Also, in addition to the multiplayer mode and exciting streak kill rewards, the game also offered new game modes like “One in the Chamber” and “Gun Game”, which allowed the players to unlock a whole new gaming and shooting experience. Moreover, COD in-game purchases and customized loadouts further solidified the legacy of the series among COD fans. 

  • Call of Duty : WWII

Exclusively based in the World War II setting, the fourteenth edition of the Call of Duty Series “Call of Duty : WWII” was officially released in 2017 for Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. From lethal weapons to realistic recreation of the historic battlegrounds, Call of Duty : WWII provided an extremely immersive gaming experience for the players who took on the role of a young soldier named “Ronald Red Daniel,” who assisted his squad, “1st Infantry Division,” in the Warzone combat. Additionally, the WWII series of Call of Duty provided players with a more intense zombie-mode as compared to the previous editions of the game. Furthermore, the realistic sound effects, immersion graphics, balanced mechanics, smooth transition and the new “headquarters mode” made WWII one of the most popular Call of Duty Series. 

  • Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare 

Officially launched as the eleventh major edition of the Call of Duty Series in 2014, “Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare” was instantly hailed as one of the most popular Warzone games among gamers and sold out over 21 million copies worldwide within the first few years of its release. Available for PlayStation 3, Raven Software and Xbox 360, Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare launched “Exo” movements for the first time, which allowed the in-game characters to dash, boot and sky jump. Unlike the previous editions,  Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare featured only one playable character named “Jack Mitchell”. The 11th edition primarily operated on the “points” system, which allowed the users to earn points after achieving the mentioned objectives and missions and later utilizing these reward points for upgrading their weapons and Exo suits. Moreover, the game also allowed players to unlock more reward points by collecting hidden intel items in the game.