XDefiant Season 1: New Weapon Launched In The Game

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They were calling all XDefiant players! Gear up for the new season because the developers have revealed the arsenal you’ll wield in battle. In a recent XDebrief on YouTube, Patrick Price, the game’s system designer, gave us a rundown of the upcoming weapons, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Here’s a sneak peek at the firepower you can expect:

  • LVOA-C Assault Rifle

This bad boy is built for aggressive play. Think of it as a souped-up M4 with a faster fire rate and better handling. But watch out – the trade-off is less range and more recoil. Master this weapon and you’ll be dominating close-quarters combat.

  • L115 Sniper Rifle

This sniper strikes a balance between the game’s other options. It’s not lightning-fast like the M44, but it packs a punch that guarantees one-shot kills in most situations. Unlike the TAC-50, it won’t weigh you down with sluggish handling.

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  • Sawed-Off Shotgun (Secondary)

Finally, an answer to those pesky close-range encounters! This secondary shotgun packs a serious punch, perfect for pulling out of your pocket when things get tight. However, keep in mind its limited range and ammo capacity. You’ll need to be strategic with your blasts.

XDefiant Season 1: New Weapon Launched In The Game
XDefiant Season 1: New Weapon Launched In The Game

Many fans reacted to the XDefiant new weapon launch:

So excited to see the GSK announced. Their kit definitely looks to be one designed around competing with current menaces like phantoms. 3 charges of barbed wire for assistance in controlling large zones of space, likely hindering your movement significantly.Ā  And finally…. we’re gonna get an ADS?????Ā  Season 1 is going to be a completely different game.


Season 1Ā 


Ā is gonna be PACKED


New faction- GSK

New maps- Clubhouse, Daytona, Rockefeller

New Mode- Capture the Flag

Play the game in the next 48 hours and get 3 free ERUPTION weapon skins!

Season 1 coming in HOT July 2!