Zenless Zone Zero: Free Characters in The Game

This article mentions the world-famous game Zenless Zone Zero, which is ready to launch. Read the full article to know more

Zenless Zone Zero, like many gacha games, offers a generous selection of free characters to kickstart your journey. But with limited resources early on, focusing on the right ones becomes crucial. This guide highlights the free characters you’ll obtain and the powerhouses you should invest in to conquer even the toughest challenges.

Free Starter Team for Combat Basics:

To learn the free rank squad in Zenless Zone Zero, you can do this combat, and after joining it you will be able to progress in the game:

  • Anby Demara
  • Billy Kid
  • Nicole Demara

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Zenless Zone Zero
Zenless Zone Zero

Top Free Characters to Build:

Nicole Demara: 

The undisputed champion of the free starters, Nicole packs a punch with her Area of Effect attacks and crowd-controlling pull. Plus her Ether element makes her even more valuable. Even better nicole shines brighter in endgame content, especially when paired with the potential future pull, Zhu Yuan. 


Get ready to team up Soukaku with the first limited S-rank character Ellen Joe. Not only does Soukaku excel as part of an Ice team alongside ellen but she boasts a versatile damage-focused kit, making her a fantastic sub-DPS character. Additionally acquiring extra copies of Soukaku boosts her Ice Damage buff, further solidifying her role as Ellen’s perfect partner.


Seeking a defensive powerhouse? Look no further than Ben. His unique parry lets you counter enemy attacks effortlessly, making him a defensive rock. With the most defensive abilities in the launch patch, Ben is your shield against boss encounters. Build him up, and he’ll be your frontline hero.

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Corin is a free DPS machine, to be considered. Her rapid attacks fill the enemy’s daze meter, leaving them vulnerable to stuns. Additionally, she triggers the physical anomaly of assault, significantly chipping away at enemy health bars.

By focusing on these outstanding free characters, you’ll build a strong foundation for your Zenless Zone Zero adventures. Remember, with a well-invested free team, you will be well-equipped to overcome even the most haunting challenges the game throws your way. So, level them up, unleash their potential, and conquer New Eridu.